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The Tango Of Love

A Seminar About Being A Couple

We offer that seminar to organizers and participants all over the world

    What´s the use of you standing on one side of a river
    and me on the other side?
    Just as a river separates us, life passes us by.
    If we wish to dance together, then we have jump into the water!
    This takes courage, so let´s go! Vamos!

Love needs space and a good atmosphere for it to grow and thrive and it needs no help to get worse
The argentinian tango consists of eight basic steps and these steps show what is needed to create a fulfilling dance for two!
Learn with us the argentinian tango and discover how to improve or create a long-lasting partnership.

Consider the following:

    "You don´t lead - how am I supposed to dance with you?
     you don´t let yourself be led - how am I supposed to lead you?"

Leading does not mean being forceful just as being led does not mean to surrender.

In this seminar you will discover things about yourself - your relationships and what you can do to make it stable. Tango shows in a light-hearted manner, what you and your partner create and vice versa, always transformed into an expression of the human body.

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Two people wish to dance with each other, do it well and in perfect harmony, but fail in the end. What´s the reason? What has each done wrong and can a simple solution be found? We will search for an answer, always looking for what will strengthen love and the dance.

With many pleasant surprises and practices which can be incorporated into everyday life and using the concept of family constellation together with - of course - lots of tango music, we wish to convince and delight you in the belief that real love is there to be found! Nevertheless, it all needs some knowledge of how love and relationships work just as in dancing a tango, where the eight basic steps provide alternating tension, relaxation, surprise and pauses.

We are a married couple experienced in disagreeing and loving. For the last 10 years we have been offering this seminar and it has become our favourite - in fact we are still learning. The tango has led us to Russia, Australia and eventually to China - far away, but has brought us near

"Oh, I can´t dance"

... said many men at the start of the seminar; however, during the course, they all changed their minds as it was fun and they really didn´t know that they were in fact dancing!! It was totally different to the staid and often painful experience of those dance lessons.

This seminar is ideal for beginners, non-dancers and those who say they do not dance!

Single or Couple?

You can join the seminar as a single or a couple. This is good because as a single, you learn a great deal about yourself as a partner and also about couples. The seminar may be the place to find out about yourself and what you need to find a partner to share your life. Couples can experience unique tango movements and share their experience. It is definitely a worthwhile venture!

We also endeavour to have equal numbers of participants, although we cannot guarantee equal numbers of men and women.

If you are experiencing a current crisis as a couple and your future as a couple looks uncertain, then perhaps this seminar may not be right for you - expert counselling is better in this case.

For the seminar you need to bring:

  • Shoes with leather soles
  • Casual dress for the exercises
  • A sort of ´evening dress´ for special exercises
  • If you have a food allergy, please let us know.

We do have a somewhat unusual timetable - be prepared for late evening meetings.

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Any place around the world you will invite us to!


All necessary documents will be sent to you immediately after registration.

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